The Lion King


One of my favorite Disney movies as a child and still to this day is The Lion King. Although I absolutely loved all the Disney princesses from the other movies, The Lion King was completely different from the others which made it exciting to watch. As a 20 year old now, I still love watching The Lion King once in a while because I now pay attention to the morals, values and and life lessons that are in the movie which I completely overlooked as a kid (naturally). This Disney classic is completely based around leadership and actually gives examples of what good leadership looks like and what bad leadership looks like.

Mufasa, the king of the Pride lands and all the animals who lived there, was an amazing leader. He gained respect and trust from everyone and he made sure to protect every species that lived on the land. He believed that everyone should be treated equally, himself included.


Scar, Mufasa’s younger brother, became the king after killing Mufasa and threatening his nephew Simba out of the Pride lands. Scar was showed terrible leadership, to say the least. He took away everything from all of the other animals and didn’t care about anyone but himself. Scar was destroying the Pride lands with his power and ego.

Simba, Mufasa’s son, at first showed bad leadership. He ran away from Pride rock as soon as things got bad, whereas a good leader would have stood up for himself and the other animals by facing the problem (Scar) in order to make things better. Simba was told by Scar that Simba was the reason why Mufasa had died, and he believed him. All he needed was some inspiration and guidance, which he got from a family friend Rafiki.

Raffiki’s lesson:


After Simba thought about what Rafiki told him, he knew that he had to go back to the Pride lands and make things right for himself and for all of the animals there. When Simba went back to Pride rock, everyone was surprised and confused because they thought that he was dead. After getting rid of Scar and the hyenas, Simba apologized to everyone and took his place at King. He ended up becoming a great leader after fixing his mistakes.

The Lion King certainly does have many leadership lessons. Believing in yourself and inspiring others is my favorite lesson that I get from this movie. What leadership lesson influences you the most from The Lion King? Let me know!


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