Leadership is Everywhere


Leadership is literally everywhere. You can choose to be a leader anytime and anywhere. Most of the time when people think of leaders, the first to come to mind are people like Martin Luther King Jr., the President of the United States, and Neil Armstrong because they have done incredible things in their lives that they are well known for. They were and are amazing leaders, but there are many more leaders in our world then you probably think. You could show great leadership by giving someone advice, holding the door for a group of people, volunteering to better your community, or even starting a club on your college campus. Leadership is based off small acts of kindness and responsibility. Many people overlook the little things that they or other people do and only reward those who have done outstanding things.

Drew Dudley talks about his thoughts on everyday leadership in this video clip:

Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership 

His story was very inspiring and was a great example of how your daily actions could really effect someone else’s life. Others could look to you as an amazing leader and you may not even know it right now. Leadership is all about choices and how you decide to live your life. Be aware of your actions ever single day because you never know whose life you could impact that day.


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