Dr. Feinberg


So I’ve never written a blog before, and I’m not exactly sure how this goes. To start off, I’m taking a leadership strategies class at Purdue University this semester (CSR309). If you ever had the luxury of taking the course, then you got to deal with Dr. Richard Feinberg at 7:30 am twice a week. To be honest, I was extremely intimidated on the first day of lecture because a friend of mine had taken it last semester and told me that Feinberg was an interesting character and the class was somewhat difficult. The second day of lecture, Feinberg sat in the very back of the room the entire hour and with great amusement watched all of us try to figure out what the task was that he wanted us to complete. Did I mention that he was tweeting about his thoughts the entire time?! That was an experience in itself.

As the weeks go on, I have found myself respecting Dr. Feinberg more and more as a professor. I’m not just saying that because he’ll be reading this blog, I’m just being honest. I’ve learned more from this class in just these short few weeks than I feel like I’ve ever learned in a classroom setting. CSR309 has made me more aware of my actions and has given me motivation to go above and beyond in everything that I do.

Feinberg’s strategy for teaching this course is to start as a TERRIBLE leader. It is our duty as students to figure out how to make him a better leader. A very unique way of teaching I must say…

Structure. That is what the class needs in order to help Feinberg become a better leader. Structure is extremely important in leadership because without it, what do you do next? Every successful business and company in the world is made up of structure. There are the working employees, then department managers, store managers, CEO, etc. In order to be a great leader for someone else, you have to first know how to lead yourself and also know what your goal is in leading them. Without followers, there are no leaders. CSR309 is considered a business establishment . Until we establish who our leaders and president are, the CEO (Feinberg) is unable to help us (working employees) succeed.

Many students think that Feinberg is a terrible professor. Those students don’t get it. As he always says, “THIS IS A LEADERSHIP COURSE” and “STOP WHINING AND FIGURE IT OUT”. Its true though. How do you expect to learn how to be a leader if you get everything handed to you? A leader figures things out one way or the other. You wouldn’t go up to the CEO of a large corporation and complain to them that you were unaware of the due date for something. HELL NO! So why would Feinberg let you complain to him? If he did, then you’d learn nothing.

You can’t be taught leadership. You have to figure it out for yourself.



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